Who we are

Starting out in Tech Solution industry in 1999, we are proud to say that Heights has expanded and become a pioneer in the event, conference, exhibition, festival and construction, industries.


Our extensive planning and management services can be customized to your needs and to the size and scope of your event.

360° coverage

We provide complete services with full 360 coverage for your event from designing constructions and greetings to your visitors (one-stop-shop).


More than 130 specialized staff in all branches. With this number of talents, we perform with precision and meet the deadlines.


All varieties of tools to manage different types of events which makes us capable of going beyond our limits.

Creative team

Our team brainstorming help our clients to transfer their visions into the reality

Scope of Work Approach (SWA)

For each event, we assign an analytical team to examine the deliverables and recommend the best possible solutions.


We have four different offices in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe

Who we are

Company BackgroundCompany Background

HEIGHTS  is a leading company in event management in Saudi Arabia which was established back in 1999. We organize different types of local and international events such as conferences, festivals, exhibitions and forums. In addition to organizing and managing events, we also build temporary structures for events and provide many supporting services. For instance, marketing for event management, corporate events, tech solutions, crowd management.

Throughout all these years, our company has grown gradually and now we have four different locations in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe with our headquarters in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Every hard-working company deserves a reward at a point in their life cycle; therefore, HEIGHTS was nominated for the Best Event Management and Conferences Organizer award in 2013 and 2015.

Mission and ValuesMission and Values

Our mission

Our mission is to assist our clients in developing a clear picture of their events and the goals they want to achieve. We seek to ensure that our clients’ guests, attendees, or visitors to have full journey experience by providing a complete tech and design solutions with limitless resources.

Our Values

Creativity: we think, create, and execute;

Efficiency:  we emphasize on execution in timely manner without compromising the main deliverables

Reliability: we go the extra mile to gain your trust;

Challenges – we take challenges, exceed the ordinary and make it happen.

Safety : we provide a very safe environment for the attendees and our team.

As Strategic PartnershipAs Strategic Partnership

HEIGHTS has many advantages :

We are the leading event management company in Saudi Arabia with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We have the ability and capacity to build and operate multiple events in different

locations and cities at once. We are involved in many different types of events such as conferences , festivals , and exhibitions. We have a large client base all over the country.

Company CultureCompany Culture

Any one visits any of our offices, they will notice two things. One is that we look like “bees” moving around so fast. This reflects on our values because we don’t have time to kill instead we are on a fast base to get the job done to meet our clients deadlines.


Secondly, you may see that half of the employees are not at the office because whether they are on sit or in meetings with different clients. Our employees have the passion and the committed to execute any project in less than 48 hours.

With all of this, our top management always have an open door policy because sometimes we need an instant approvals and in person communication to get things done for our clients without delays. We understand that not everyone is the same which means some employees will be productive at 8 am some are not thus , we have flexible working hours for our em ployees which can inspire andmotivate them to be productive and passionate.

Social ResponsibilitySocial Responsibility

We believe in giving back to the local communities and helping young people to create a positive change in their lives.

As a leading event management company , we have organized not for profit events such as:

  • Young Saudis films festival
  • Prince Noura University
  • Role model

Company timeline

20 years ago, we started in a very small office that only fits 10 people with small desks. If we did not have a passion for managing events and dedication, we would not be able to remain in the event industry. We are so proud that our company has grown gradually and now we are the leading Saudi company in the kingdom in the event management market.


Business was founded in Riyadh


HEIGHTS founded 1999, with first office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Operations were expanded to Egypt


In 2007 the second office was opened in Egypt. this office support the head office in the African continent


Developed new business sectors


We have extended our services and develop new sectors such as Event Constructions ( Rush event setups)


Best management & organizer Award


Winning Best Conference & Exhibition management and organization By the Ministry of Tourism.


Operations were expanded to Dubai


The third office opened in Daubi for human resources development and content creation.


Best management & organizer Award


Winning Best Conference & Exhibition management and organization By the Ministry of Tourism.


Operations were expanded to Prague


Our office space in Prague in Czech Republic connects us to Europe and North America


Achieve milestone


We are on track to achieve milestone please stay tuned ..