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Organizing festivals in Saudi Arabia or in other locations around the world requires special expertise to execute the plan on large scales. With our comprehensive experience with festivals management, we have the capacity to implement any type of occasions whether it’s a corporate event or a public one. Locally, nationally or internationally, we provide tailored solutions with innovative products that fit within the the culture.

We use a tried and true method in order to get a clear picture of how your idea comes into life.

What we offer

Our extensive planning and management services can be customized to your needs and to the size and scope of your festival  idea. Here what we can offer:


Concept and content creation such as themes, scheduling, and the overall atmosphere


Providing full consultancy with implementation plan


Assisting with festival marketing and communications

Logistics & Licensing

Taking care of all logistics and obtaining the proper licensing

Clear idea

Building and designing venues from scratch with customized layouts


Attracting local talents and international performers


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Our Partners

Behind every successful company are always valuable partners. We take our relationship with our current partners seriously as if they were the first client.