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HEIGHTS is known as the leading exhibitions’ organizer in Saudi Arabia with over 100 exhibitions in its profile from developing new exhibition ideas to executing and organizing. We believe in creating local and international platforms would bring great opportunities for industries and markets to exchange benefits to develop an environment that can connect clients and businesses or educators and learners under one roof.

We use a tried and true method in order to get a clear picture of how your idea comes into life.

What we offer

Our extensive planning and management services can be customized to your needs and to the size and scope of your exhibition idea. Here is what we can offer:

Idea execution

Invent your new exhibition ideas and execute it from A to Z


Acquire copyrights of any existing exhibition around the world

All way-long support

Support you from the conceptualization throughout the on-site installation

Exhibition system

Creates booths’ concepts, designs and full exhibit system and fixture


We have a full logistics’ team to handle freight in and freight out item

Customized Booth Design

Provide many furniture hires and floor covering with personalized or custom made designs


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Our Partners

Behind every successful company are always valuable partners. We take our relationship with our current partners seriously as if they were the first client.