The Health Forum for Accreditation and Quality of Training


The first forum for the Health Specializations for Accreditation and Quality of Training in Saudi Arabia. It discusses the issues related to raising the levels and measuring the general performance and improving the quality of training centers as required by the National Transformation Program 2020, one of the tributaries of Vision 2030, which in turn aims to develop training programs that accommodate current and future health needs. In addition, the forum will discuss in its sessions the most important criteria, accreditation policies, and evaluation process for health programs and centers in the presence of local and international speakers.

About the event

Heights managed and organized the conference in three major cities successively (Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah) efficiently and efficiently while maintaining a high level of quality and a consistent identity across cities

The forum represents a good opportunity to exchange experiences between health practitioners and everyone related to the accreditation of programs and centers from program managers, administrative coordinators in programs and training centers, heads of scientific councils, residents and managers of academic affairs of training centers

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Visitors' experience


Heights has set out to provide a professional attendance experience for participating medical staff that matches the protocols of major similar conferences around the world

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Efficiently and ably, we maintained a high level of quality and consistent identity across cities

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