The Colors Marathon – Taif Season


Under the auspices of the Entertainment Authority for the Taif Season, we were happy to work on the Color Marathon, which was running for three consecutive days. We managed more than 12,550 visitors visited the venue and over 1095 contestants participated in this amazing event. In this event, we applied the technical, organizational, logistical approaches. We also used online and on-site registration systems and provided the contestants a safe environment with over 100 organizers and security teams - We used high-resolution Cameras 360 ° monitoring, Spray arches, fully equipped lounge areas with washrooms. we had an ambulance and paramedic in the venue. We also developed a social media campaigns as well as outdoor and indoor marketing such as advertisements in hotels, airports.

About the event


Heights hired a huge team of international experts, which includes organizers, consultants and international experts in organizing sporting events and vital competitions, to ensure our implementation of the color marathon event with global standards competing for events outside the Kingdom.

Winners got their trophy and money awards

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How we excelled

Crowd Management

Organizers and security

The event hosted more than 12,000 visitors and the marathon tracks included more than 10,000 contestants

logistic support

Safety plan

The marathon reached a length of 5 km, as we climbed in the heights to provide all safety, protection and health in the presentation of the event

Heights organized all corners of the event by securing organizational teams with over 100 employees to organize the crowds, entrances and exits of the event

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