The Armed Forces Exhibition (AFED)


The largest industrial demonstration in the Middle East comes within the national transformation programs that aim to achieve economic diversification to stimulate investment and support non-oil exports and support the knowledge economy, innovation, and productivity.

About the event

An event of significant industrial, political and economic as the exhibition attracted major local and international companies

Offering more than 80,000 investment opportunities during the exhibition

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How we excelled

Event Management

Scientific program

Designing a specialized scientific program and workshops within the exhibition activities With Holding a number of scientific seminars and discussing

working papers, most notably the localization of the spare parts industry, the role of research and scientific centers in technology transfer, and financial procedures to support local manufacturing

Tech Solution

Visual presentations

Design and display visual content of the exhibition through 3D projection techniques inside the theater

Managing and operation of the 3D Projection Mapping system

Design and innovation


Designing specialized programs to display and link information for more than 20 thousand spare parts at the exhibition with visitors and investors

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