Role Model Conference


The ideal conference for building partnerships and advancing the local economy as an inspirational motivational conference that highlights the brightest success stories and the fight for self-development, in line with the inspiring 2030 vision in KSA and that are fitted with the objectives of the local community.

About the event

The conference aims to attract a group of young leaders and experts to spread the seeds of inspiration and innovation through the exchange of knowledge and success stories

The importance of the conference in building partnerships comes in order to develop the desired individuals’ goals, aspirations and then turn them into tangible achievements turns into reality.

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How we excelled

Event Management

Organization and innovation

The conference hosted an elite group of distinguished speakers in which Heights had to communicate with each one and meet ease their concerns to come attend and present their successful stories.

One of the moments that Heights was proud of to manage this event believe in the importance of inspiring success stories.

Tech Solution

The latest display technology

The conference included the latest presentation techniques used in similar dialogue conferences around the world

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