Municipal Investment Forum(Furas)


The Municipal Investment Forum (Furas) aims to offer investment opportunities in 17 of its municipalities around Saudi Arabia, establish partnerships that benefit the economy. In Addition to the forum, there is an exhibition as well as workshops that deal with challenges related to Investment opportunities.

About the event


We at HEIGHTS have developed and managed this forum, which aims to promote municipal investments from planning to implementation before the event and then organizing with our human power by using the latest smart systems from the registration system, visitor count, surveillance cameras and other technologies. This project has side events such as exhibitions and workshops in addition to the dialogue sessions that were managed by our specialized teams for each field.

Heights managed & hosted the high ranking officials and VIPs

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Supporting Services

Tech Solutions

Screens and 3D Projection

There is a rounded stage, which requires a curved screen so attendees and guest speakers are aware of surrounding. We implemented three big LED screens and utilized the 3D projection mapping so the hall look 180 degree screened. We used 24 Digital signs around the event to show some investment opportunities content for each municipality.

Self-registration system was also utilized with as well as online registration so we minimized waiting time for the walk-ins as well as enhancing the journey experience.

Booths building


We organized all booth contractors in and out and monitored the safety of each worker so everyone is wearing the safety kits.

Beside monitoring works safety ,we also built the largest two booths in the exhibition 33 * 39 M and 24 * 18 alongside with four medium size booths

Crowd Management

Exit and Entry Strategy

We managed over 10,000 people over three days period. The high-ranking officials had their own entrance with 10 organizers in the VIP lounge.

The visitor’s entrance had about 20 organizers in and out as well as inside the exhibition hallways.

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